Smart toilet ten big brands: drying function weight is not important

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-09
Smart toilet ten big brand: very important! Many people say dry paper is not the same? Seem also to listen, but from the perspective of usage scenarios and applicable people to think of it, you will find that, no drying function, your toilet revolution completed only a smaller part! We spend thousands of dollars on it, is not to let children tender fart fart away from those who use chemicals bleaching out with fluorescent agent of toilet paper? Not just to let's pregnant mothers don't have to wipe ass tried to reach her? Is not in order to make new wound with caesarean birth mother no longer stand the side wipe wound tearing pain when fart fart? Not just to make action not convenient old people and patients with a sit down and stand up to complete the restroom? If still use paper to wipe, and all this went up in smoke.
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