Smart toilet ten big brands: practical, environmental protection is still the mainstream

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-11
Smart toilet ten big brands: bathroom space is usually small, practical and beautiful is still the mainstream direction of consumers to consider when buying the product that defend bath, because the space is narrow, in particular need to be together all the basic functions and characteristics of condensation, and try to make limited space looks bigger, more moving. In addition to practical, we also see from some shows a new trend, many brand bathroom set out to design no dead Angle, better cleaning products and small 'integration' toilet basin sanitary wares. The realization of these products can not only reduce the toilet water utilization, also can turn, let the 'waste' heat into full play. The development requirements of the social main body big trend, all walks of life in the product design at the same time, should put the low carbon environmental protection is more important position, sanitary industry is no exception. For a long time, the advantage of Chinese enterprises that defend bath product is focused on the perfection of the market, China has become the world * big bathroom equipment producer and consumer, but foreign brands are almost swept across the Chinese high-end sanitary ware market, and take various measures to grab middle-grade product market share. At present, the sanitary ware industry, in addition to the high-end market of international brand, there are more than 3000 domestic brands, one of the larger 50 - 100, other are small and medium enterprises, although many domestic sanitary ware brand, but the market is not a business occupies 10% market share, brand marketing monopoly effect has not been formed. Small and medium-sized enterprise brand awareness began to strengthen wei yu, pay attention to brand promotion. The development of sanitary ware enterprises are starting to pay attention to the brand.
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