Smart toilet, toilet clogged how not to do

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-13
Smart toilet, toilet clogged how not to do 1, actually you can look for one and a half inch wide bamboo into the toilet dredge can solve problem 2, many times the toilet water, I will, especially if the soil is, paper kind of soluble or can break things. If is oily, so a pot of boiling water flush to open it. 3, buy caustic soda, boil water to the caustic soda melt and pour into the toilet. Through more than ten minutes through everything. 4 come back and buy a bottle of cola drink drink first, then cut off the coke bottle below after cut it off and put it upside down in front of the toilet with the hand took up smoking several times at the bottom of the line, 5, and with the right amount of oxalic acid 6, you can buy a loach in a squatting pan, with warm water in do implement, loach encounter heat will be drilled down hard, to achieve the purpose of through urination. If there is no hard things, I think the general integration of 7, the old drag, put the toilet half water, then use tow palmer hard, down hole pressure several actions to hurry up, by pressure have a good grasp of 8, it can be to the market to buy a chuai son, then slammed with a few times, with a half month, would not be clogged. 9 you to reach out to the half of the water, with round mop, or use the round head brush of the software, on the drain hole, pounding force 10, with a longer soft ventilation tube inserted, go toward inside ventilation, then flush; I tried, the effect is very good
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