Squatting toilet manufacturer is introduced during defecation good or sit well

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-29
Sit implement, belongs to a kind of sanitary ware in the field of building water supply and drainage materials. Implement the main technical features of the utility model is that: in the existing implement s-shaped trap top open, install a cleaning the bolt, similar to a drain on the installation check mouth or cleaning the mouth clean siltation, implement after siltation, user can use this gently cleaning the bolt is convenient, fast and health siltation, economical and practical. During defecation sitting squat good or good? Today small make up to you with the information of the ceramic: some people like to sit in your life, feel more comfortable; Some people like to crouch, feel more comfortable, what the hell is sitting squatting defecation good or good? Each have advantages and disadvantages. Hole, under the muscles surrounding the pull, rectal unbend, pelvic cavity viscera down, abdominal pressure, combination makes bowel movements more smooth; And seat, muscle force, rectal bent, defecate is not so smooth. But the hole for a long time there will be a lower limb blood supply and poor legs pins and needles, seat can avoid the situation, but also prolong the toilet in virtually. Also, pay attention to some special groups, like the elderly, pregnant women, patients with disease of heart head blood-vessel, sitting on the toilet will be better, to prevent the occurrence of fall, dizziness etc. And sat down to the toilet, can put in at the foot of a small stool, legs and torso Angle smaller, squatting posture also tend to be more, will be conducive to defecation. Above is toilet manufacturer of foshan ceramics co. , LTD. , small make up to you to summarize, hope to help you, if you want to know more information, you can focus on our website, for more information!
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