The advantages and disadvantages of squat toilets and toilet? What are those?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-09-02
Guangdong toilet manufacturer of the advantages and disadvantages of small make up tell you squat toilets and toilet? What are those? The advantages and disadvantages of a, crouch squatting is a traditional bathroom appliances, it is suitable for various occasions, the family, public utility. Its installation is convenient, cheap maintenance simple and easy to operate. But the disadvantage is that it doesn't save water, and the need to always clean up. Crouch more application in public, and in most families, keep the health condition of performance excellence and the toilet is the most easy to accept people's minds. But not suitable for the old man and the old man can't afford to crouch long easy to cause the old dizziness, tinnitus and the situation of the transient shock. Squat toilet that though it is the most easy to accept, but as people living habits and lazy seriously, crouch will be gradually replaced by new products. Second, the advantages and disadvantages of the toilet closestool is the product of modern science and technology, its comfort, section water performance is good, washing ability, is the modern family bathroom toilet very good. But because the price is high, the disadvantage of maintenance trouble trouble which many families did not choose it! Toilet is suitable for use in the nuclear family, such as home only 3 people contains three people family. Also suitable for use in time who of course. If you have any old man home to old people equipped with toilet as far as possible, as far as possible is the place where the less people use, it can guarantee the performance of health. If more people health natural protected. So the toilet doesn't fit in public places and hospital, hotel, office and other public places. Toilet human body comfort performance is very good, can relax our legs, but its disadvantage is that men urinate likely to cause surface contamination.
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