The automatic intelligent toilet, what are the functions?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-24
Economic conditions improve, people on the quality of life has a higher request, for public safety and health conditions are also put forward higher request, for head of these places, how to give a guest a sense of security is the key. In order to improve the guest coming back, head and try, the way to strict sanitation toilet is also there, co. , LTD. , according to the guest's demand to design a new generation of intelligent automatic toilet. The automatic intelligent toilet after technology development manufacturing joined the toilet seat cover heating, sterilization, automatic paper, change membrane, and other functions. Can also according to the state of urine automatically choose big, small, this design will not have to worry about such problems as the guest forget after using the toilet flush, also can solve some cleanliness people afraid of bacterial infection rather than using the toilet. Automatic intelligent toilet seat and ramp down function, that is to say, then cover and the seat closed is damping slow drop, so avoids the plummeting to the beat. It also has other more practical very strong functions, such as women wash, warm air drying, nozzle self-cleaning functions, smelly function, light illumination function, the automatic flip or remote flip function, when the toilet on the attached these functions, it has become a more intelligent products. People when the choose and buy automatic intelligent toilet will put the safety coefficient, the same is true for production research, no matter how powerful, safe use, if not then what's the use of these functions? Automatic intelligent toilet focus on detail design of choose and buy, such as computer control system, the problem such as the installation of automatic replacement film. Relevant tags:
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