The bathroom ark use and maintenance matters needing attention

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-27
Bathroom ark use and maintenance considerations hit 1, the bathroom ark can't use hard objects. 2, please do not use hard instruments percussion, so as not to scratch map. 3, when using shoulds not be too great difference in temperature of the water temperature and room temperature. 4, please use soft material ( Such as sponge) Dip in neutral detergent to wipe products, so as not to scratch, corrosion cabinet put oneself in another's position. 5, please do not firm pressure on the leading edge of the basin cabinet, prevent tank deformation. 6, the bathroom ark is through special processing, with the function of waterproof and moistureproof, but avoid is flush, as usual with a slightly damp cloth to wipe gently, to avoid water accumulation caused by corrosion. Maintenance of cleaner had better use neutral, bathroom available toothpaste is good decontamination. 7 often placing buy some cleaning products, bathroom ark, if the cleaner to the bathroom ark should immediately clean, or a layer of isolation pad at the bottom of the cleaning products, so as not to damage the paint. 8, the bathroom ark maintenance principle is to keep fresh and ventilation, dry wet depart, should try to keep the bathroom air flowing usually, get into the habit of window open the door, but also should avoid long time in the sun. 9, do not use volatile agent, thinner or other chemicals to clean the bathroom ark. 10, if the bathroom ark have oily be soiled, dirt can choose neutral cleaning fluid to clean, but not directly wash with water. 11, please do not placed in the bathroom ark hard objects, such as the tank cover, flower POTS, buckets, etc.
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