The benefits of installing intelligent toilet cover at home

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-06
Although living standards improve, people's body is more and more fragile, a small problem will make them uncomfortable. Use the toilet is a sensitive problem, but if it is difficult to use the toilet, you are in bad health. The emergence of the intelligent toilet cover products effectively solve the difficult problem of people go to the toilet. It is not only clean, but also can help users discharge smoothly. Good intelligent toilet cover products not only have the functions of ordinary cleaning and tempering, is specially designed for different groups, such as specially designed for ms special clean to prevent bacteria and disease of department of gynaecology. Defecate auxiliary functions make water directly through to the rectum, anus can assist bowel, aperient, detoxification, purge. Under the stimulus hand in strong and weak current synchronization, also can promote the crissum skin's blood circulation, to realize the circulation of the blood massage, hemorrhoids and other diseases. Intelligent toilet seats automatic drying function can effectively remove the nakedness of moisture, promote the blood circulation, such as drying efficiency. So, solves the problems of the elderly in the family toilet inconvenience, also solved the problem of the children after defecate cleaning not clean, female physiological cycles and we no longer have long-term constipation problems. Intelligent toilet cover really good seat warm temperature can be PP, hot water washing, super comfortable I use fluorine amine, for example, clean, dry and heated seat. In addition, there is a toilet auxiliary mode, suitable for constipation, can alleviate the pain of the toilet. At night, also can open a night-light, downy lamplight illuminate at night toilet, avoid suddenly wake up at night with dazzling light. Toilet seat with heating function. No toilet is also very warm. Toilet is too dirty. Disadvantage is that when you go out to work or do not have this, you're not used to it. Ha ha, I think a separate toilet cover is better than toilets. If you have any problem, toilets must be replaced the whole toilet cover. Toilet cover won't have this problem. Intelligent toilet is more suitable for old people and women. When the old man turned, cleaning and drying can prevent the old man turned and bend over. A woman will feel uncomfortable for a few days every month. Before cleaning intelligent toilet can make women keep clean and comfortable. At the same time, it is also very good for the pregnant woman. As a person, before pregnancy, secretions increase, hemorrhoids bothering you at the same time. At this time, with intelligent toilet is different. After go to the bathroom to wash, it is more clean and more comfortable. At the same time, the pulse flow gently stimulate coxal meridians, alleviate hemorrhoids, make the whole process of pregnancy, comfortable and neat. In winter, have the function of the seat heating, you no longer need to worry about the cold of winter.
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