The cause of the intelligent toilet manufacturer for you parse leaky toilet

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-16
Domestic toilet is usually use toilet, in the form of this type of toilet squat toilets have deodorization, compared easy to clean, easy to use security features. With the continuous improvement of living standards, implement has been upgraded to intelligence, with self-cleaning, the advantages of disinfection sterilization. However, the use of time is long, intelligent closestool also can appear the small problems such as leaking. Today, intelligent toilet manufacturer for your analytical leaky toilet for several reasons, convenient maintenance, suit the remedy to the case. Some smart toilet manufacturer blindly down the production cost, choose defect material form fill valve outlet and inlet pipe self tube cracking when we do the injection, the seal failure, the water in the water tank through the drain valve overflow into the toilet, forming 'running water. Far to seek cistern fittings miniaturization, the floating ball buoyancy is not up to standard, when water engulfed floating ball, still cannot make the fill valve closed, water continuously flows into the water tank, the flow from the overflow tube to implement form leaking. Especially in high water pressure, the appearance is particularly significant. This is two kinds of common intelligent toilet appear slack reason, looking for quality qualified intelligent toilet will find highly skilled first intelligent toilet manufacturers or agents. Otherwise, in the use of intelligent toilet will because all sorts of small problem.
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