The characteristics of the ceramic squat toilets

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-30
1. Sophisticated production technology - - - - Porcelain is exquisite, uniform, durable characteristic of ultra fine porcelain earth grinding technology, to ensure that the porcelain body and fine and smooth, import high-tech precision kiln firing process of uniform heating and cooling equipment, ensure uniform fired porcelain body durable without deformation. 2. Health - glaze materials - - - Away from bacteria, living healthier nano self-cleaning glaze contains composite antibacterial materials, multiple bacterial growth inhibition, effective protection of health! By the China academy of building materials industry environment monitoring center detects, average of harmful bacteria such as golden yellow staphylococcus aureus antibacterial rate & gt; 9. 5%. 3. - professional pipeline design - - - Sewage more thoroughly, more clean toilet, squat toilet, and other products more than 7 mm international professional pipeline design, ensure the blowdown flow is not blocked. Exquisite antibacterial glazing process pipeline, antibacterial glaze equably in the pipe coating in the implementation of pipeline hang dirty easily inhibit bacterial growth at the same time, all products of the flush function is higher than the national standards. 4. Strict product inspection - Security, zero porcelain body strictly follow inspection procedure, in addition to the glaze inspection, each basin products after a 100 - degree water leaching test, eliminate the internal cracks of the porcelain body hidden dangers. Each toilet after water test and vacuum test, ensure no safe hidden trouble. 5. Unique glaze technology - Exquisite and smooth, not easy to stain the unique 'high smooth bottom glaze + nano self-cleaning glaze' double glaze technology, via high temperature fire and become, in the realization of glaze is not easy to wear while ensuring the glaze exquisite and smooth, shiny bright easy to clean. All the porcelain body USES gas fire, no dust pollution, to ensure that the glaze is more clean and sanitary. 6. Limit accessories testing - High precision, durable buy a parts design are the limit test, achieve 250000 times water dripping, according to China's vast territory, around the characteristics of different water supply quality, each parts have been sewage environment using the test, to ensure that the parts under the condition of all kinds of water quality safety work trouble-free.
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