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by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-24
If you are a layman of sanitary ware industry, may be you to the understanding of the product that defend bath will only stay on the common products, knew very little for some intelligent sanitary ware products, to be honest, most do not pay attention to the functionality of the products, pay more attention to is the quality of the product and the service life, but for people's life quality requirements, the choice of what the product will bring what kind of life experience, they will be difficult, how do you say? Sanitary ware brand too much, breed is too much, if you still hesitate, that might as well go to see the product that defend bath, now more than 300 master bath patents, to create excellent quality intelligent, automatic toilet closestool mat, shower, etc. , including automatic toilet mat widely used not only in some public places, and has entered the ordinary families. Look from the function, automatic toilet mat differ with the function of the intelligent toilet is not much, it is a high performance new products, can prevent bacterial infection, is pregnant, obese people, the elderly, children of the Gospel, has the incomparable advantage over ordinary toilet. Co. , LTD. Design and production of automatic toilet mat have seamless touch-key design, not only high sensitivity and long service life, is not easy to malfunction, coupled with the built-in wick with nonlinear damping hydraulic slow drop, cover and seat can mute slow down, to avoid the generation of noise can also prevent the clamp hand. The quality of some families worried about health volume set, automatic toilet mat special health volume set of material is a new yi xi, it has the characteristics of waterproof, bacteria isolation, is specially softening, a roll can be used 65 times or so, three seconds sealed, patent design is loved by people. Relevant tags:
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