The classification of the siphon toilet

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-27
Siphon toilet is the structure of the drainage pipeline is '∽' model, after the drainage pipe filled with water will produce certain water level difference, borrow flushing water inside the toilet drain tube produced by suction will go poop row, because of the siphon toilet flush line is with the aid of flow momentum, so pool memory is larger, the water flushing noise is small. Siphon toilet is also divided into spiral type siphon, siphon jet type two kinds. 1) Vortex type siphon the toilet flush nozzle in the bottom of the toilet side, strong water flow along the wall when the vortex formation, this will increase the intensity of water washing the walls of the pool, also increases the suction of the siphon effect, more conducive to the toilet internal discharge. 2) Siphon jet made further improvement on the siphon toilet, in the toilet at the bottom of the add a jet, aim at the outlet of the heart, flush, part of water flowed from then circle cloth around the hole, part of jet mouth, the toilet is on the basis of the siphon with larger flow momentum, to wash away dirt quickly. Advantages: the advantages of the siphon toilet is flush noise is small, called the mute. In blunt carrying capacity, the dirt on the surface of the siphon is easy to rinse adhesion in the toilet, because of the siphon water is higher, deodorization effect is better than that of straight strong pattern, is a great variety of siphon toilet is on the market, buying sit implement will have more room to choose. Disadvantages: siphon toilet flush with water to the high water, the sewage and then go down, so want to have a certain water to achieve the goal of clean, at least 8 to 9 litres of water for each relatively water fee. Siphon drainage pipe diameter is 56 cm long, easy to jam when strong water, toilet paper can't throw it in the toilet, installation siphon toilet is also commonly equipped with basket and inspired. Foshan ceramics co. , LTD is located in the hometown of ceramics - — China foshan, is a professional research and development, production and sales, high profile in the ceramic sanitary ware companies. Company's main products: crouchs implement, implement, urinal, etc. Series product that defend bath. If necessary can contact with me, contact phone number, or login our company's official website to view more about product information!
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