The emergence of the 'intelligent implement price' intelligent toilet for which people use?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-02
Many people think that the function of the traditional does not automatically flush toilet, toilet, accumulated a lot of toilet paper in the basket, and because of this, the bathroom become the paradise of the bacteria. Using smart toilet can settle the things from the source. Then the emergence of the intelligent toilet for which people use? Intelligent toilet manufacturer the following staff to introduce: 1, suitable for every family to use intelligent toilet, to avoid the accumulation of used paper towels in the garbage, breeding and breeding of bacteria, and indoor environment pollution, good for family health. 2, special for everyone hips fold, easy to breed bacteria, it is hard to thoroughly clean paper, and some additives on the tissues can also cause some skin diseases, and intelligent toilet is washed with water, hip is very clean. 3, suitable for fashionable women can intelligent toilet cleaning private parts, have very good nursing effect to vulva clean, clean, prevent bacteria invasion. 4, suitable for tumors of the intelligent toilet purge cleaning function in patients with constipation, can massage acupuncture points, lubrication bowel around anus, to soften, dry decomposition agglomerate shit is helpful, will also help defecation and eradicate constipation. 5, suitable for the pursuit of high quality people use ordinary toilet clean toilet, accumulation of toilet paper, not only the bathroom environment, but also will become a hotbed of bacteria and virus reproduction. While using smart toilet, toilet without paper, purify bathroom environment, prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. And intelligent toilet bring comfortable, convenient and healthy life experience, make it become the pursuit of high quality life essential supplies of the family. 6, suitable for frail elderly and disabled people with disabilities such as toilet often require escorts are present to assist complete, each other very embarrassed, very inconvenient. Using smart toilet, just sitting on the toilet and touch the intelligent remote control all the toilet cleaning can be done automatically. Especially at night, the intelligent toilet also has 'light lighting' function, saves on the lights. The emergence of the intelligent toilet is suitable for which people use above? To share here, we can also learn about what are the benefits of the intelligent toilet?
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