The engineering implement what style?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-27
Guangdong project implement manufacturer ceramic small make up to you to introduce implement what style? Depending on the toilet water tank, toilet seat can be divided into separation, even, hang a wall of three. ( A) Separation characteristics: toilet water tank and a separate design, installation. Advantage: price is relatively cheap, transportation is convenient, simple maintenance. Missing: covers an area of large, difficult to clean up. Model change, less prone to leakage phenomenon. Applicable family: product design is old, if the budget is limited, and few to toilet style requirement, it might as well choose it. ( 2) Even: features: water tank, toilet seat body unity. Advantages: convenient installation, easy to clean. Covers an area of small, modelling is more changes. Missing: high production cost, the price also higher than the fission products. Applicable family: people are 'lazy', love clean and don't like often scrubbing friends often take a fancy to it. ( 3) Hang a wall: features: water tank embedded inside the wall, can be used 'hanging on the wall. Advantage: save a space, drainage, clear rise very convenient. Lack: on the wall of the water tank, toilet seat body very high quality requirements, and two separate products to buy, the price is more expensive. Applicable family: especially suitable for to implement made of shifting the family use, need not raised floor, influence on the speed of water. Some like concise, pay attention to the quality of life, also often choose it.
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