The importance of intelligent toilet talk deodorant

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-19
If summer let we hate the top five, met a taste very big toilet will be listed. If life in the rural areas of children and will know what is summer toilet, hot, not only taste is also very pungent, summer toilet is a very painful thing, it can be said to be a torture. And Kang Qi technology of intelligent toilet is a toilet with deodorization functions, summer also fear to go to the bathroom. Stink for the body, may be no bad effect, but the psychological cause certain influence to us. And, if someone's home, have a taste of toilet will also affect our impression to others. And bad smell is relatively easy to breed bacteria and produce some unknown bugs, this also has certain harm for our health. And having a smart toilet deodorization functions, which can not only bring us more comfortable experience, also for their points.
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