The intelligent toilet how to successfully solve our demand?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-05
Intelligent toilet originally used in medical care. Body cleaning function can effectively reduce the number of all women and infection, greatly reduce the anus and rectum of department of gynaecology the incidence of discomfort. The water again and again with different intensity of pressure function effect on parts clean to prevent related diseases. Toilet, although is our daily supplies, new product development is faced with upgrade difficult problem. In the scenario, the specific contents of the development of the intelligent toilet is as follows: intelligent toilet has many special features, such as sexual relations hip cleaning, clean, clean, seat insulation, air drying, automatic deodorization tower, mute, etc. Operation is convenient, in addition to the button panel, also provides a remote control device to achieve these functions. When consumers use the remote control, as long as they take the remote control a click, all functions can be easily. 1. Seat can automatically adjust the temperature and the water is very cold in the morning and evening, sitting in the cold on the toilet inevitably need to shiver. Many people used to put flannel washer on the toilet. However, intelligent toilet seat usually can adjust temperature. If you gently sitting on the toilet, you can feel the temperature you want. After each use, the outlet of the intelligent toilet depths will direct injection vortex flow, thorough, quietly flush toilets. 2, hip cleaning, hot air drying after using the bathroom, the toilet has a moving back and forth the nozzle to clean your little polypropylene, not only that, you can also according to their own needs to regulate the temperature of the toilet cover, and hot air drying speed, with a comfortable hot after use to keep the buttocks dry cool, not half a drop of water! 3, catalyst, deodorization, low energy lighting intelligent toilet basically the invention can use deodorant catalyst, eliminate peculiar smell from the source, the effect is more durable, for the use of toilet with a relaxed and comfortable environment. At the same time, if you go to the bathroom at night, even if you don't turn on the light, intelligent toilet downy lamplight can also make it easy for people to use intelligent toilet. 4, women, children and old people have a special flush at present, many intelligent wardrobe are equipped with more humanized washing function, such as women cleaning: the design of double nozzle to women and women feature set used cleaning more convenient health; Children children cleaning: professional cleaning function can let parents more rest assured. 5, intelligent massage, health spa massage using double pulse mode, eliminate sedentary the hip muscle fatigue. It also can stimulate acupuncture points, and by adjusting the pressure to help to treat constipation. 6, the common toilet can also upgrade smart document as a matter of fact, intelligent toilet in today's residential construction is not common, so smart and intelligent toilet seat toilet suite arises at the historic moment. The present invention does not need to destroy and replace the existing toilet in the home, only 10 minutes to replace toilet cover, ordinary toilet can be upgraded to intelligent toilet. 7. Additional features intelligent automatic toilet not only has the function, but also has some additional functionality. You can also set automatic deodorization function to sit down after 3 seconds, the human body after leaving the seat 30 seconds to stop. MP3 can also be set during the toilet, as long as a small amount of data stored in the MP3 player in advance, and press the 'MP3 power' symbol when the phone is switched on. Left, it can automatically shut down, the next time you go to the bathroom, use of automatic memory function automatically open last time it retains operation.
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