The material of intelligent toilet cover have?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-04
With the continuous development of modern society, people's living standard has been improved, the quality of life is getting better and better, the choose and buy the product that defend bath demand is also more and more high, above the market now there is a new type of intelligent closestool, intelligent toilet seat is there will be a smart, very popular, so, what are smart toilet cover material? Foshan intelligent toilet manufacturer the following staff to introduce the: 1, urea-formaldehyde urea-formaldehyde material material is our commonly used a toilet cover material, the material while soluble in water, but rapid solidification, and cured urea formaldehyde material non-toxic, tasteless, light resistance, colour and lustre is relatively stable, is a kind of good function of environmental protection material. 2, PVC material, PVC is a kind of material the LIDS are widely used, it have excellent flexural performance, stable performance and excellent weather resistance, in addition to be used for toilet cover, is also widely used in other industries. 3, acrylic material acrylic material of the toilet cover is also loved by many consumers, made from acrylic toilet cover with high polymer material, transparent performance is good, not only appearance elegant at the same time, relatively stable chemical performance, plasticity and excellent weatherability, modeling beautiful, is that many consumers preferred the seat material. 1 toilet cover maintenance skills. No matter how to replace the toilet cover, we should pay attention to maintenance in the normal use. Such as can't put the toilet seats in direct sunlight or lampblack, otherwise it is easy to change color. Second cannot be put to the surface of the seat bucket, flower POTS, etc. , or you will make the toilet of surface scratch, and even cause cracking, etc. Moreover the toilet cover and seat should be with a soft cloth to clean, must not use strong acid or strong carbon material to wipe, it will make its surface from corrosion. 2. The toilet seat cover if it is in no or low water tank, in the construction process of middleman can't lean back, such meetings make toilet cover broken. Secondly when switch toilet cover the movement wants light, otherwise it is easy to spot which affects its beautiful.
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