The material of intelligent toilet cover how to identify?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-05
With the improvement of quality of life, people begin to care about the experience of the toilet, enjoy a more healthy and comfortable lifestyle and intelligent toilet cover is the trend of The Times, the intelligent toilet cover is one of the props products now commonly used in the home, just like traditional toilet cover, the main panel is also have a variety of materials, different materials have different characteristics, make the finished product effect is also different. Acrylic sheet is now more commonly used a material, has good transparency, chemical stability, easy processing and dyeing, beautiful appearance. Development earlier this is a plastic polymer materials, has a long service life and is convenient to clean. Urea-formaldehyde cover plate is a non-toxic colorless very healthy environmental protection material, can add all kinds of colorants for dyeing processing, corrosion resistant, oil resistant, the price is cheaper. Although the water resistance of the material, the electric resistance is poor. But this does not affect the function of the toilet cover, durable, is currently used in intelligent toilet cover more of a material. PVC plastic, is also a toilet cover material is common on the market, it is also called polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the main component is PVC, its characteristic is corrosion resistant, colorful, more durable, but toughness and heat resistance is poor, although cheap, but relatively insufficient material slightly. Intelligent toilet cover the appearance looks the difference is not very big, but the material is qualitative different, can lead to late use feeling, antibacterial ability, can always like new, and use fixed number of year is different. To date, most intelligent toilet cover body material, use PP material, a bending fatigue resistance, heat resistance, not easy to become yellow, close skin antibacterial properties. Nozzle material is made of stainless steel, antimicrobial properties or other technical material is better than stainless steel.
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