The matters of attention in the intelligent toilet cover daily use

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-02
Along with the development of the society constantly, more and more families start installing intelligent toilet cover products, intelligent toilet cover manufacturers can indeed make our life more comfortable and convenient, but as a kind of intelligent products, you really will maintain and use the products you buy? Today, the editor will explain to you the matters of attention in the intelligent toilet cover for daily use. One, pay attention to prevent electrical use, consumers should pay attention to the electricity. For example, it is best not to water 'clean' computer panel; On a business trip or travel, pull the intelligent toilet cover; Don't touch power socket with wet hands; Connect the ground wire, etc. , should be protective measures, and always be careful not to leakage. Second, often clean the nozzle many use stainless steel tube cover plastic pipe nozzle, easy to breed a large number of bacteria, that's why smart toilet cover not health. Some intelligent toilet cover use removable nano silver ion disinfection nozzle, to ensure the health and safety. In addition, most of the household water tank is 80 ml, water quantity is big, but repeated heating water in the tank may produce nitrate and bacteria. Often should pay attention to the cleaning nozzle, to ensure sanitation. Three, timely replacement parts intelligent toilet cover high technical content, the early stage of the one-time investment cost is high, many intelligent toilet cover warranty is only 1 year, once appear problem, the consumer must be repaired at his own expense. The service life of the general intelligent toilet seat range from 5 to 10 years. When consumer is buying smart toilet cover, to refer to the service life of guide plate, the service life of clear read the handbook, once the replacement parts in time.
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