The necessity of the intelligent toilet?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-26
About the intelligent toilet, from the perspective of users can be roughly divided into five demand points 1, 2, security, health, sanitation, convenience comfortable sex 4, 5, 3 beautiful fashion, how to solve five appeal users demand point is all brand in pursuit of realm. But really can effectively solve the brand consumers spot are few and far between. So consumers in selecting the intelligent toilet when must pay attention to the brand, can't even fake brand randomly selected a less known and inferior brand. Thus conscience recommend nine animal husbandry intelligent toilet here. By the way, could you explain nine animal husbandry intelligent toilet some features and advantages. 1, healthy and hygienic A hip/woman washing B mobile/wide washing mode C and antibacterial silver ion removable nozzle D bipolar filters remove bacteria in water/electricity E ultraviolet sterilization washing mode can let users in the use of intelligent toilet more health. Antibacterial material, ultraviolet radiation sterilization, filtered water is let nozzle, water quality more clean so as to achieve the effect of health, security, A 2 one seat: adopt advanced friction welding technology, make the seat to achieve lasting seal, no leakage, no water seepage, safe and reliable B five heavy security protection: water automatic alarm to prevent dry, water temperature is not more than 41 degrees, sit temperature not more than 41 degrees, leakage more than 7. 5 ma, automatic power, wind temperature not more than 55 degrees plus or minus 1 degree toilet is a complex environment, humidity, temperature and so on obviously easy to electrical failure. So nine animal husbandry toilets in the beginning of design the heavy security. A variety of security protection troubleshooting electrical security hidden danger. 3, comfortable sex A seat heating, 18 degrees optimal arc seat B can air mixed gas flushing C namely hot D anion deodorant/activated carbon living water deodorant on A variety of details to let users more enjoyable in the process of using the toilet. Thin silent warm warm things nine grazing want to users' feedback. 4, convenience, A microwave automatic induction B A key automatic C pre wetting in social development, the intelligent toilet also in change, how to let users in the use of more convenient, in the process of nine animal husbandry has been exploring. 5, beautiful fashion, thousands of people in the scientific research team, heart, and so on in the design of appearance level design and research team let nine animal husbandry appeared a a young fashionable product, more overseas phoenix design organization and so on several top design agency cooperation development. Let the appearance level nine animal husbandry products has been walk in the front. Foshan ceramics co. , LTD is located in the hometown of ceramics - — China foshan, is a professional research and development, production and sales, high profile in the ceramic sanitary ware companies. Company's main products: crouchs implement, implement, urinal, etc. Series product that defend bath. If necessary can contact with me, contact phone number, or login our company's official website to view more about product information!
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