The old man need more intelligent toilet cover in the home

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-09
Intelligent toilet ten big brands: elderly physical function will decline, after common geriatrics are weakening constitution, walking, etc. When using conventional sit implement, can affect the lower limb venous blood backflow, returned to the blood of the heart, after using the toilet to stand up, easy to cause the brain transient problems, then appear blacked out, even fainted. Have the elderly home so, had better install smart toilet cover. Intelligent toilet cover with warm air drying function, revoke the paper towel to wipe, avoid causing hemorrhoids, itching and discomfort, let old people more healthy. At the same time, the intelligent water and warm air drying, old people just need to sit can be completed, do not need to start up after next crouching, reduce the risk of accidents. Many elderly people suffering from constipation, intense effort in the toilet, a racing heartbeat may cause cerebral vascular rupture, serious when cause cerebral hemorrhage or cerebral embolism, really worrying. Intelligent toilet cover, when the old toilet, can open the massage function, a sphincter massage, promote blood circulation of anus week, make the elderly constipation problems.
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