The size of the install smart toilet cover note

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-10
Intelligent toilet cover as a new era of products to a certain extent, to make our life more convenient, especially for some of the toilet is not convenient, intelligent toilet cover products well solved the trouble back at home, compared with the traditional toilet, also more healthy. But when intelligent toilet cover products of choose and buy, should pay attention to the size of the toilet that suits oneself, but also pay attention to the installation method. Many people don't understand the toilet cover the error between the size of the toilet before, like the mounting holes on the toilet seat with seat distance has certain requirements. In general the distance less than 7 cm, and the distance between two mounting holes should be around 15 cm. During the installation, should remove the toilet cover first frame fixed plate, and then use screws to fix the plate toilet, toilet cover up on the press and fixed card slot. Electricity debugging after the installation. First use is to make the warm water, then through internal heating device to heat the cold water. In toilet also want intelligent toilet seats in advance in order to set aside a special tap water pipeline, rather than using the water in the processing of loop filter.
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