The three elements of intelligent toilet manufacturer share option floor drain

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-20
In toilet, floor drain is the key to the drainage, ground water, drainage more or less will have a problem - — To strengthen the ability of floor drain, is helpful to solve the water problem. Specifically, floor drain need to pay attention to the following three points: 1, now has deodorization of floor drain core, mount odor-proof core, certainly does not directly to the sewer drainage speed. But different odor-proof core, drainage rate are also different - — We want to deodorize, again want to drainage speed, we need to cautious when choosing odor-proof core. According to the shape, T shape floor drain drainage speed is the fastest. But against the stench, core shapes are only part of the drainage speed impact factors, specific drainage speed, also related to the mass of the deodorization core. 2, shape. There are some floor drain is thick, it is internal part can store water - — When the sewage produced faster, floor drain too late, can be stored in the first floor drain, avoid the ground water. 3, installation. The correct installation, floor drain drainage is an important step. Installation of floor drain, either cutting method, are intended to ensure that the floor drain all around to slope drainage to just go in the direction of floor drain.
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