The urinal on the depth of water seal request

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-09-01
Toilet manufacturer about urinals on the depth of water seal request. Whatever brand urinals, they have requirements for water depth, it is also the national quality standards of a request strictly, water seal is the main function of the isolation. Just a sanitary requirements of the standard urinal is consumers recognized. They can also be popular in the market. So everyone in the choose and buy when the urinal, must see the urinal size up to the national quality requirements? General regulations of the state, the depth of the water seal not less than 50 mm. Urinal first hanging style in numerous urinal, which is a type of urinal is a good choice? How many suitable urinal size? Many people have deep feelings for hanging type. They mainly 炃 drainage type drainage type with the wall. For land drainage type, installation is very simple, just noticed that the height of the drain, and drainage for wall type? They request some more, not only to note that the height of the drain, but also reserve did notice on the wall outlet. Wall brick is doing before they leave the urinal outlet.
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