The use effect of the intelligent toilet?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-02
Intelligent toilet 1: the advantages of the intelligent toilet washed whenever function into the toilet, washing function of intelligent toilet instead of the traditional letters and clean, easy to destroy the virus that causes infection, bacteria, fungi and parasites. The bacteria in the toilet paper to wipe out the anus wrinkles and then. Now on the market to sell most of the intelligent toilet 'aseptic' design is adopted. That is to say, due to implement material with high-tech long-term antibacterial substances, bacteria cannot survive, can avoid cross infection. Using intelligent toilet 2: the advantages of the vulnerable groups can improve the condition has a variety of cleaning mode of intelligent seat cover not only can effectively remove dirt, also have the effect of massage, back and forth motion of shower head can satisfy the need of men and women of different cleaning. Using smart toilet in warm water and warm wind, clean and dry, stimulate the capillaries to promote blood circulation, long-term use can also prevent constipation and hemorrhoids and other diseases. Vulnerable groups such as pregnant women, the elderly, children need intelligent toilet nursing, can improve the conditions of the body. The advantages of the intelligent toilet 3: self-cleaning, deodorant, energy-saving intelligent toilet cover adopt stainless steel spray head, many professional brand products with self-cleaning function. That is to say, after each use, shower head will jet waterfall of water, remove the dirt. Now, many intelligent implement shell with deodorant function, its principle is to use in implement the shell of light catalyst and activated carbon to remove odour. In addition, when not in use for a long time, implement the shell will automatically reduce the implement and the water temperature, save power consumption. The advantages of the intelligent toilet 4: toilet seat not cold cold season, don't feel cold, cool toilet seat intelligent toilet cover toilet seat will automatically become the suitable temperature of human body. Many brands launched temperature adjust seat, with different temperature curve, can be adjusted according to individual be fond of, region, and the weather, no longer afraid of the cold feeling like a toilet. The advantage of the intelligent toilet 5: a variety of intelligent features compared with ordinary senior implement, the automatic toilet with hip washing, warm water adjustment, automatic drying, mute takes a seat, 'smart' functions such as automatic deodorization. The most surprising is that through the button panel can not only achieve these functions, also equipped with a remote control device, gently press the consumers only need to hold the remote control, can easily implement all functions. Some brand smart toilet not only have the functions of these, it has light illumination function, can save time on the toilet at night and turn on the light time, convenience does not affect the family rest in the night, very energy saving.
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