There are several kinds of urinal installation way?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-26
Project implement manufacturer ceramic small make up today to introduce the urinal installation has several? Urinal installation of floor and wall, floor type urinal also called vertical urinals, its shape is larger, the production is difficult and material fee, the price is more expensive. Ever used in more upscale public toilet. In order to prevent splashing outward when using urine, Japan toto products such as the vertical urinal bottom increased, to improve its performance. Urinal installation hanging on the wall, such as round, square, streamline all sorts of modelling, compared with vertical urinals, such urinal to save raw materials, reduce work area, energy saving, saving packing freight all are good, and not easy to splash urine, more health, are available in many luxurious shape is chosen at the same time, so send a direction instead of vertical urinals.
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