This is the choice of the intelligent toilet three reasons

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-20
Although the flush toilet or mainstream now, most of the family or in the use of the flush toilet, but unconsciously, intelligent toilet also began to slowly came to the attention of the public. May how intelligent toilet or there are some problems of choose and buy, do not know how to choose the more cost-effective intelligent toilet, the following a few methods and anlyzes, hope can give you some help. Toilets are divided into two major categories of integrated intelligent toilet seat and intelligent, as the name implies, is a kind of is the lid, one kind is no lid. The basic function of the intelligent toilet including warm water wash, seat heating and warm air drying, etc, with warm water washing should be a highlight of it. Smart toilet into the heat accumulation type and the thermal type, small make up recommend i. e. thermal type, comparison, after all, the heat storage type bacteria or i. e. thermal type more healthy. In addition to the heating of water temperature, water quality of a material is also very important, intelligent toilet flush with warm water instead of paper towel to wipe, to avoid the violation of the bacteria. Then rinse water is very important, whether it is important to note that when choosing toilet has a water filtration system, give us more attention. In addition, the intelligent toilet is a mixture of water and electricity appliance, so pay special attention to in terms of safety, look to whether have protective measures. Seat when heated, prevent dry heating protection, leakage protection measures are necessary. Good brand to get consumers to buy products more at ease, foshan Kang Qi technology co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of intelligent toilet, is the manufacturer of consumer trust, you have more questions, welcome to our website: http://.
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