Toilet cover filters - How long does it take to replace?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-07-30
Bathroom appliance, for health reasons, everyone should always clean up them, especially the bathroom appliances, such as because they tend to hide the dirt and grime, and there will be a lot of dirty things hidden in the toilet cover. 'but now has a smart toilet seat, with warm water cleaning function, can provide some protection for their toilet sanitation, so let us detailed understanding of relevant knowledge. Toilet cover filters - How long does it take to replace? 1, general equipment for a period of one year, the filter is no exception! The service life of filter and filter working pressure, temperature, chemical properties of filter medium and environment on the same side ( Whether the air is also contain a corrosive or weathered and water) Work with filter medium such as pressure, temperature, chemical properties, etc. Have a lot to do. And the environment with one side. Stainless steel filter usually within ten years in 304 is very good. 2, accurately, filter element replacement cycle in piezoresistive 0. Basically do not have material under the condition of 3 mpa, at this time should be timely replacement filter, otherwise it will affect the normal use of filter element, the more impurities filtration medium, the faster the change! General with filter medium for tap water, filtering 10 hours a day calculations, filter in about 2 months must be replaced! Toilet cover filters - The advantage of the intelligent toilet cover 1. Clean life. More than three times a day with warm water wash the anus, anal sphincter massage for stimulating water and warm water to moisten, improve venous circulation is good for health. And can wash the toilet paper, can't wipe the dirt between the fold. 2. Prevent bacterial infection. In more than one thousand times around the anus, has all the anus disease bacteria. Warm water wash not only has the function of clean the anus and has peculiar to women washing function, can effectively prevent all kinds of bacterial infections. Warm water rinse fresh feeling, help to reduce the annoyance disease. 3. Prevention of hemorrhoids and constipation. As you can imagine, using toilet paper can't clear around the anus folds in the dirt. Use warm water wash every day and low dry, not only stimulate around the capillaries, promote muscle relaxation and blood circulation, prevent hemorrhoids, constipation, but also can eliminate pain hemorrhoids surgery. 4. Clean and prevent cancer. Women need to keep the body clean. Before and after the physiological period, when people are distracted by the smell of leucorrhea, can clean with washing machine at a time, solve various gynecological diseases, and in the room before and after use cleaner rinses, better prevention of cervical cancer. 5. Take care of pregnant women. Pregnancy or postpartum wash the anus and genitals is very important, so many hospitals have begun to use the washing machine to help clean the pregnant women and promote blood circulation. Use the washing machine can not only make people feel pure and fresh, but also help the postpartum recovery.
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