Toilet cover installation steps

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-09-01
Toilet manufacturer of small make up to you explain toilet cover installation steps 1, first of all we need to check the drainage pipeline level with the ground roughness, and thoroughly clean the sewage pipeline inspection. There whether pipeline internal sediment, waste paper and other debris. The ground level is a key point, if discover the uneven ground, may need to be done on the ground leveling work. 2, blowdown pipeline has been cleared, will determine the core of the drainage pipeline, and in the toilet drain marking ( Cross the core line) 。 3, the fixed implement. Before the fixed, will aim and outlet of the drainage pipe on the ground, the whole process level, and then forcibly pressure sealing ring, and screws. We will start after four, fixed sealing work. Outlet seal fixed good, good things around in a circle of glass glue or cement. 5, toilet cover is fixed according to the corresponding grooves, and screw on test fixity and whether the switch is smooth. 6, after debugging, mainly for the water flow conditions and sealing. To test whether the drain valve rebound flexible, have without leakage, etc.
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