Toilet is leaking problem how to solve?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-09-02
Comfortable home life, can affect our mood every day, but there are always a few troubles will affect our normal life, especially the implement a leaking problem, guangdong toilet manufacturer under the small make up take you to chat today of implement the leaking problem, actually we want to find to implement the leaking problem, we can suit the remedy to the case and solve the problem. 1, the toilet not installed, resulting in the and toilet sewage outlet diameter out of the ground, so there will be including yellow, water and bad smell. Installation is not professional, no installation flange ( Flange has very good role of fixed and spill-proof) 。 Loose 2, toilet, toilet slack? Is not necessarily the quality problem of the long-term use of toilet, toilet and loose on the ground, lead to leakage. 3, inferior material, some manufacturers blindly reduce production cost, choose inferior material fill valve outlet and inlet pipe itself when we do the injection craze, lead to seal failure. At this time, the water in the water tank through the drain valve overflow into the toilet, 'running water'. 4, excessive pursuit of water miniaturization, floating ball, Or floating barrels) Buoyancy is not enough, when the water floating ball ( Or floating barrels) After, still can't to close the inlet valve, water continuously flows into the water tank, the flow from the overflow tube to implement cause leakage. Especially when tap water pressure is high, this kind of phenomenon is especially obvious. 5, improper design, make the cistern fittings agencies produced when interference in the movement, lead to leakage. Such as under water tank water floating ball and floating cue behind affect normal reset, turning to cause leakage. And float the club is too long, floating ball is too big, causing friction between the tank wall, affect float freely, lead to seal failure and leakage. 6, drain valve seal is lax, the drain valve of the one-time forming because of connection place untight seal, under the action of water pressure, water from the interface between the overflow into the toilet, causing leakage. Free to change the height of the lift fill valve, cooperate to be not close, if the sealing ring and the pipe wall will often appear leaking water.
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