Toilet jams have tips, rapid dredge not laborious

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-30
Toilet closestool is blocked is very often the phenomenon, in daily life, we what day does not have this problem. Toilet stuck not necessarily immediately after turn to professional toilet, in fact, can use small skill solve the problem of closestool is blocked, just take a look at what are the common solution. A, hair caused sewer blocked: sewage after a period of time after use, usually a bath of hair hung more accumulated in the pipe will cause congestion, hair will generally cause the bathroom floor drain plug, lavatory block, and blockage of the bathtub, shower room block. So usually when using certain cover good floor drain cover and other protective facilities, such as have hair just picked it up and threw it to the trashcan. The congestion good solve, use hand dredge can dredge the water, if serious that we must use pipeline dredging machine. Good thing blocking drains: blocked the sewer, accidentally fell into hard objects when using this kind of circumstance also is very common. Didn't cover some floor drain cap, so as to let little things fall in. Beautiful home decoration nets, free design budget quotation. The congestion slight can be used directly pipeline dredging machine or simple dredge dredge directly, you must open the toilet dredge, serious this situation can completely solve only get things out. Three, toilet aging jam: toilet use longer, inevitably, the walls scaling, serious when can block the toilet of the air flow caused by the toilet water slowly. Solution is to find a vent scraping dirt can let toilet water flow. Four, toilet installation error: generally fall into, export and drains no alignment position, at the bottom of the toilet at the bottom of the screw hole sealed will cause the toilet water, toilet water tank water level high enough influence by the uneven flushing effect. Five, crouch hole to the toilet: some of the old house building installation is crouch hole, water pipe is used at the bottom of the u-shaped waterproof elbow, in causing the toilet again, best can change bottom bend to bend directly. If not, it must prepare before installation closestool departure is bent at the bottom of the clean-up, installation of avoid by all means let debris falls into cement or ceramic tile.
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