Toilet leaks cause analysis and repair skills

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-23
Along with the progress of The Times, people change in all aspects of life, become more convenient, more comfortable, more elegant. People are becoming more and more accustomed to using the toilet, a lot of families choose to install it. Use comfortable toilet worry, for the elderly and the children, security is also higher. But in use process, also hard to avoid trouble happens, such as leaky toilet is an incurable diseases, many friends were leaky toilet not greatly its, why the toilet is leaking? 1. Closestool leaking reasons caused by inferior material: use inferior material made of closestool, wear-resisting poor durability. Especially in the inlet valve this key position, if bad material, can't use how long can appear crack. Inlet valve inlet and pressure pipe if cracking, will lead to seal failure, the water in the tank will overflow, causing closestool leaking situation for a long time. Solution: when buying closestool must buy certificate of normal product, don't buy 3 without the product. 3 without the product price is very cheap, but material is poor, weak performance, use for a period of time will appear all sorts of problems, life is very short. From the comprehensive comparison, the regular products more cost-effective. 2. Caused by mutual interference closestool leaking reason: this is because of improper toilet design, the design of tank accessories, because without considering the operation when using the mutual interference factors, so the toilet is leaking. Including float behind impression flap under normal place; Floating too long and tank wall friction and collision led to float freely, seal failure, therefore, the water overflow. Solution: when buying closestool, check the water tank accessories design is reasonable, the key check floating ball and float the cue, and the volume of a floating ball cannot too big, the length of the floating clubs without touching the tank wall. 3. Due to buoyancy enough closestool leaking reasons: buoyancy in water tank is not enough, will cause the floating ball can not meet the normal position, so fill valve cannot be closed. Have been less than water storage tank, the toilet is leaking water overflow. If the water pressure is very high, can cause damage to the toilet a lot of accessories. Cause this is the original, is so small cistern fittings design. The solution: some of the family bathroom space is small, when the choose and buy closestool so will choose small toilet. But small toilet internal fittings has done little, it is easy to occur the toilet is leaking. So choosing toilet model, do not blindly pursue small, want to consider the functional. 4. Caused by impurities clogging closestool leaking reasons: some toilet is using a differential pressure type inlet valve and the inlet valve baa has a filter, if too many impurities in water, will be blocked with ring holes, causing water valve closed, the toilet will be leaking. Solution: as far as possible when the choose and buy closestool selected by filter inlet valve, if is differential pressure type inlet valve, so when happen leakage phenomenon, timely will fill valve down, will be blocked with sealing ring to change. Relevant tags:
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