Toilet manufacturer to introduce China's household market several big changes

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-28
China household market changes in several major changes: 1: no custom, no household: 'whole house custom is not new,' 'top wall custom', 'whole China custom', 'all who custom' concepts such as flying, even the floor, paint, wallpaper, radiator with custom CARDS, for a moment, not customize, no home. Custom behind the flood, is the entrance to the race. Change 2: no light luxury fashion: Europe and the United States, contracted, northern Europe, Chinese style style, seems to be already obsolete or tends to lag behind, light much wind with wild streak, broke into the home industry, do not make light of luxury brand, don't talk about fashion. Look back a look, and products are similar to that of homogeneous let enterprise Mired in a price war. Change 3: the Internet into a chicken ribs: once tried to own brand labeled the Internet, but now he still avoid it like the plague, who also said he is no longer the Internet home outfit, flaunt oneself is standardized home outfit. Rushing to build concept into a tacit understanding, reflects the enterprise innovation, do not know where is the road. Change 4: furniture category crisis: Europe and the United States, annatto furniture category Mired in gifts consumption reduction, solid wood, children's furniture in crisis because of custom extrusion. A furniture category may be the whole die, no one can outshine others, the Yangtze river after the waves steady, before the waves on the beach, the power of the market is unstoppable. Change 5: m&a integration more difficult: listed, mergers and acquisitions expands into of choice, from man wah holdings to the family home, from Europe to sibutramine, m&a cases. Facing the same market, the same channels, indigestion after the merger, who also difficult to achieve 1 + 1 greater than 2, integration of difficult to make the listed company is only take money capricious a few times. Change 6: metope meat into tang's monk: increase category, expand the single value, metope suddenly become hot, extension under the floor to the wall, condole to wall, wooden door and furniture to the wall around the extension, the all wall custom 'emerge in endlessly, grasping for bigger and stronger, the metope of the poor became's flesh, just, tang's monk who tasted meat is what taste? Change 7: stick a card than lead: do ambry also do furniture, make ceramic tile also make sanitary ware, oneself do, also want to stick a card, the expansion allows businesses to pay too much tuition, introduces the existing brands, increase the single value, provide one-stop service, became the vogue at one time. Selling is a big brand, rest assured; Buy is big brand, peace of mind. Integration of resources, he le? Change 8: dealers exodus: manufacturer merchants lack of power, the increase in the number of stores open stoping was called production is bad to do, the reason is that household dealers ongoing exodus. Dealers by manufacturer and channel squeezed, many exit the industry. Put a booth in some goods can make a lot of money in the time gone, the new dealers to rich have wisdom, where? 9: 'after 90' difficult: to level in appearance, quality, value, good, good, have good price, '90 after' the consumption idea of rapidly changing, not to learn how to serve them, will lose the opportunity to be attention. Research market, transformation attitude, adhere to innovation, and how important! Change 10: big fish hold fish death: 'the big fish eat small fish, small fish eat shrimp' survival philosophy quietly be reversed in the furniture industry. Big fish is enough big, did eat some small fish, belly up, but only strong brace, could be broken at any time. Above is toilet manufacturer of foshan ceramics co. , LTD. , small make up to you to summarize, hope to help you, if you want to know more information, you can focus on our website, for more information!
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