Toilet manufacturer to introduce how to choose a good ceramic toilet

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-09-01
Five recruit to select good toilet, as the necessities of daily life, a comfortable and beautiful, good quality can not only beautify the space that defend bath, toilet can also save people a lot of unnecessary trouble. Toilet manufacturer under the five forms of help you to choose and buy a contentment in the toilet. A: look at the toilet color and the collocation of the space that defend bath. Wash basin, toilet, bathtub, or the color of the fu washer and so on four big best coordinated, general sanitary ware to similar or slightly shallow with floor tile color. The second test: test section water performance. A lot of kinds of products on the market have alleged that the 6 litres of water saving design, but in fact, ordinary consumers is difficult to identify the actual effect, suggest to buy famous brand products. Whether closestool water-saving affected by two aspects, one is the water tank, 2 it is to sit barrels, here must pay special attention to water tank and sit barrels to cooperate. Three touch: hand over drainage pipe internal coating is 100%. Glazed can make the inner surface is smooth, prevent blockage, and long service life, bibulous rate is small, the leak and the fouling resistance is also guaranteed. Four listening: listen to the pumping volume. The toilet flush to the sitting room is embarrassing things, so quiet is also very important. For example, implement the static spiral flushing system, its unique jet hole to form a vortex flow, in the absence of splash water fully under the condition of noise reduction, create a quiet, clean water environment. Five test: after the installation is complete, toilet should try flushing effect in the first time, the best way is: find a cigarette butts thrown into, can just ran down, and the voice is not big, the install link no problem
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