Toilet manufacturer to introduce you to the classification of the toilet, 2)

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-28
Last crouchs implement manufacturers have to introduce you to the toilet of two kinds of classification, continue to today and the classification of small make up to look at it: a strong fall type, by launching points & amp; Depending on the sewage the siphon toilet buying direction. If is the back type, strong fall type of choose and buy closestool, its water momentum directly to sewage discharge. Strong fall type of large outlet of deep, with the aid of rinse water momentum directly to the sewage discharge, the downside is flush loudly. If it is lower, should choose and siphon toilet. There are two kinds of siphon segment, including swirl jet siphon and siphon. Is the principle of the siphon toilet flushing water in drainage tube formation of siphonage, sewage discharge, the smaller outlet, to use the noise is small, relatively quiet. Defect is water consumption is big, general 6 litres of a finished two storage capacity, according to the material of ceramic toilet, by practice, molding clay or other inorganic material by mixing, high temperature fire and become, bibulous rate is zero point five percent or less. Artificial marble sit implement, such as unsaturated poly vinegar, aluminum hydroxide as the main raw material. Man-made agate, such as unsaturated poly vinegar, calcium carbonate as the main raw material. Plastic toilet, is short for special plastic alloy materials, it is the use of nano intercalation, chemical grafting, side sealing technology for a new kind of high performance, functional, specialty materials processing. These are the small make up to share the content of the urinal manufacturer, we understand the classification of it now?
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