Toilet manufacturer to tell you what methods of commonly used dredge the toilet

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-09-01
Guangdong toilet manufacturer of small make up to you to introduce the commonly used ways to dredge the toilet: 1. Water in a more than a lot of times the toilet, I will, especially if it is a kind of soluble clay, paper, or can be scattered. If it is greasy, then a basin of water flush to open it. 2. Buy caustic soda, boil water to the caustic soda melt and pour into the toilet. Through more than ten minutes. 3. To the hardware store to buy special dredge pipe with software, can put the clogs hook up. 4. Hose attempt to plug into the pit, downwards, the blockage breaking. The method is suitable for easy out plugs. 5. Toilet with mop toilet mouth with water, keep up and down tong, need not too big, but to be strong to move fast. 6. To a hardware store for use with a suction cup general breath a few times will fail. 7. Can do it yourself, to find a stick, root length is almost at its end cloth round, round the cloth into a spherical or columnar, toilet drains diameter and the diameter of a little older, and then put on a plastic bag, then stabbed down. 8. Sediment or if the toilet is blocked up, a lot of hard objects to stir with the steel wire inside can bend into the toilet, dredge the toilet. 9. With a long plastic pipe and a water head, a head into the toilet, and then put the toilet mouth plugged with a rag, and then open the tap water, it will use of hydraulic dredge pipeline.
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