Toilet selection, hole distance, displacement, hanging in the experience

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-09-02
Toilet selection, hole distance, displacement, hanging in the experience of modern home outfit, flush toilet ( Implement) Should be made universal, of course, there are some people used to squat, but overall still choose sit implement. Why hole spacing must be correct? Hole distance refers to the toilet plumbing center distance distance of the wall. General common specifications are 300 mm and 350 mm, 400 mm and 450 mm. Select the appropriate toilet should choose corresponding hole is apart from the first. I have met someone from the pit to choose wrong, then businesses don't make a replacement. If the pit from buying small, behind the toilet will be on less than the walls, empty out the part. If the hole is apart from the big and the toilet is not fit. In general, of course, this error is less. The toilet shift can really do? Architect is some family, build imprudent, have a toilet on the door, the location not embarrassing, decorate, of course, want to shift, but everybody said the shift may easily blocked in the future? Indeed, the general toilet shifter is only suitable for mobile within 10 centimeters, and increase the use of plugging. Must raise the toilet of mobile location. There is a better way is, put the toilet into a wall, is hang a wall toilet, because of this natural have the height difference. Hanging the toilet? Wall hung toilet in addition to your point, if no other faults. Also is the need to separate installation of water tank, water tank into the wall thickness of about 20 cm, usually in the toilet will behind the wall of build by laying bricks or stones around 20 cm. Your besides toilet itself, better water tank, geberit tank to around $2000, for example, installation to several hundred yuan, add up to much more expensive. Wall hung toilet advantages as follows: 1, convenient cleaning, ground without health dead Angle; 2, tanks hidden within the walls, flush the noise is small; 3, drainage, if toilet shift don't have to push up the ground. 's proposal to toilet closestool selection, from the brand duravit, ToTo, kohler, happy family level is in commonly 3000 above, intelligent toilet prices higher, an import 'washlet' smart toilet cover at least 23000 ( Now domestic are also common, of course, 1000 s a lot of) , the pursuit of comfort can be considered. Common toilet family can choose domestic first-line second-tier brands, is in commonly 1000 - 2000 yuan more deals even under 1000 many; If not high demand a lot of brand sale overland, I don't suggest to buy too cheap a less known and inferior brand, one thousand bad to use, also not convenient to replace. Whether or not the current thinking of intelligent closestool, I think the toilet behind can leave a socket, one thousand in the future you want to add a smart toilet cover or replacement smart toilet? Others say for charging the mobile phone, but I personally advise not to go to the bathroom to play with mobile phones, a quick victory. If the toilet is against the wall, floor drain position as far as possible don't arrangement between the toilet and the wall, because need often clean floor drain, if in such awkward position, every time to clean up all squatted down and toilet to a close contact. Now popular toilet spray gun can also be considered, not need extra to keep the pipe, as long as the Angle valve, Angle valve for tee toilet generally and spray gun is tie-in sales.
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