Toilet water tank leakage reason and solve method is introduced

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-23
The toilet water tank is an important part of the toilet, after using the toilet and gently press the water tank, can rinse, provides a convenient way of cleaning. But the toilet water tank leaking it is easy to happen. A lot of friends reaction home toilet water tank leaking has brought a lot of inconvenience. In fact there are many reasons that cause toilet water tank leaking, because what causes frequent toilet water tank leaking, we will how to deal with these problems? The toilet water tank leaking - — Reason 1. Improper design is one of the most main reason caused the toilet water tank leaking. Because the design without considering the parts work will interfere with each other so lead to fall on the water tank when the floating ball, caused the flap properly reset, so will leak. And because of the floating ball is too big, designed to influence the sealing, water tank of water leakage. 2. Now popular small toilet, but the buoyancy of the toilet is not enough, will cause the water valve can't normally closed, so the water will keep in the water tank, finally causes overflow. 3. Because the tap water contains impurities, use for a period of time after the impurity accumulation, will tank sealing ring holes blocked. Sealing ring holes blocked will let fill valve seal failure, caused by leakage. 5. If the frame material, soak in water for a long time can deformation, dislocation, lead to valve sealing surface and drain valve seal bonnet with imprecise, will cause leakage. 6. Drain valve of the joint must be sealed sealed, otherwise under the action of water pressure, water flow from interfaces to leak. The toilet water tank leaking - — Approaches to see the information about the cause of the toilet water tank leaking above, we know there are many factors which can lead to leakage, leakage of parts are different. If found a leaky toilet tank happens, but is not sure exactly which part is leaking again, how to find the correct leakage location? Can in the toilet water tank inside a few drops of red ink, and see which part have red water leak, by this method can easily find the leaking position. The toilet water tank leaking - — Part of the solution to find the toilet water tank leaking we through leakage cause analysis, can know which part it is need to do the adjustment. If the floating ball buoyancy is not enough, or float rod length caused by inappropriate, can replace these two parts is replaced, if you can't change, when using water tank at ordinary times should pay attention to check the floating ball and floating pole position. If the filter is blocked, timely replacement of filter. If the drain valve is sealed, sealing again to leakage positions. Friends also should pay attention to when the choose and buy closestool, don't choose the unreasonable structural design of products, or you can bring a lot of trouble to use. Key part and the material of the toilet is very important, if the material is bad, use for a period of time will be the multiplexes, and there is no way to repair good, life is short. Conclusion: the cause of the toilet water tank leaking mainly is the improper design, material, installation is not tight, it is easy to solve some problems, but some cannot be eradicated. So to avoid the toilet water tank leaking, better is when the choose and buy products ruled out will cause these problems. Relevant tags:
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