Toilets i. e. thermal type and heat accumulation type which is more health?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-05
As people's living condition is getting better and better, many families began to consider using smart toilet - Kind of new fashion of life. But because of the smart LIDS at home before the penetration rate is not high, most consumers don't know much about it, so often encountered problems of choose and buy, do not know which one suitable for yourself and family. So smart toilets i. e. thermal type and heat accumulation type which is more health? Foshan intelligent toilet manufacturer the following staff for everybody introduction: at present the main heating mode of intelligent toilet has three kinds: hot heat accumulation type, i. e. thermal type, speed type. The three kinds of heating mode has their prominent advantages, there are many shortcomings. Suitable for different consumer products will also be different. Rinse is the core functions of intelligent toilet cover, is to take it directly determines your when intelligent toilet cover with or as a common toilet cover. Single flush see this link, the high-end products and low-end product gap mainly embodied in the washing water and heating mode. Heating mode, tank heating commonly used low-end products. Is similar to electric water heater, store water in a tank, the water temperature is maintained by a intermittently heating. Imagine, you finish solution hand, blunt was great, suddenly a cold water. 。 。 I. e. thermal type is severe, a bit like the sort of senior coffee machine, the flow through the instantaneous heating ceramic pipes, so there is no hot water run out, and the water temperature is very stable, want how long depends on the mood. Besides water heating, heating circle is a very commonly used functions, also, it is also a major drain, so the evaluation of a toilet cover will ring heating function is good, there are two main indexes. Have one is overheating protection, and, after all, the 'low temperature burns' such things exist, good seat will through skin contact part of the real temperature sensor feedback, make adjustment; Two is heated enough intelligence, because we need to then heated are before sat down, it's very test of toilet cover degree of intelligence, a good toilet cover should be according to the using habit to adjust heating time. More intelligent toilet i. e. thermal type and heat accumulation type which is more health? Is introduced here, i. e. thermal type intelligent toilet without tank, based on the flow of fresh water is heated, water, heating, cleaning every time is fresh running water, compared with the heat accumulation type, i. e. thermal type cleaner and healthier.
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