Under the new situation, the intelligent toilet usher in the new era

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-15
Smart toilet ten big brands: after & quot; One Belt And One Road & quot; Strategy, the first major international summit was held in xiamen, which is led by China, as well as the participation of India, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, the brics meeting. Among them, the traditional manufacturing industry how to face the current consumption trend of growing environment, has become the focus of the discussion during the meeting. And this, is also the Chinese industry, especially the bathroom industry which is closely linked with the household life is the biggest problem. As traditional manufacturing industry, modern sanitary ware culture development in our country has a history of more than 20 years, the product that defend bath also by initially meet the functional requirements of people, gradually evolved into a function, personalization, and aesthetic aspects of demand; And the change of user requirements, also makes sanitary ware brand from the previous price competition, turning to the product competition, technological competition, etc, the product that defend bath also begin to gradually shift to intelligent direction. Long before smart bathroom become a hot topic, jay intelligent sanitary ware in intelligent technology research and development and talent reserves invested a lot of aspects such as resource, developed the fumigation, solution and smooth wall and other functions of intelligent closestool, let more Chinese users experience the convenient life brought by the scientific and technological progress.
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