Urinal design features have?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-29
When it comes to urinals, many people will think they are professional designed for men, in many public places have a urinal is men's toilet. Urinal size is relatively small. They are not only used in public places, is now into living into the life of people. Has provided people with convenient. Their design, function, is indeed a toilet household products fashionable and halfback. According to the structure can be divided into strong fall type, siphon type. To be classified according to installation way, they can be divided into bucket, floor and wall. These different urinal what advantage and different? And guangdong toilet manufacturer of small make up together and see it. Urinal make see all kinds of urinal, people can produce such problems in the heart, how are they made of? They are mainly composed of clay or other materials of inorganic material, through a series of processing, molding again at the end of the high temperature, the best is formed the urinal, its air conditioning water absorbing capacity is less than 0. 5, and the inner enamel is greater than 8. The enamel implement quality is good, high cleanliness, see if brightness is new, sit implement, also can change the mood. They are mainly used in public toilet inside. Urinal water depth requirements of urinal, no matter what brand they have requirements for water depth, it is also the most strict quality standards of the state requirements, water seal is the main function of isolation smell. Just a sanitary requirements of the standard urinal is one of the most recognized consumers. They can also be popular in the market. So everyone in the choose and buy when the urinal, must see the urinal size up to the national quality requirements? General regulations of the state, the depth of the water seal not less than 50 mm. Urinal first hanging style in numerous urinal, which is a type of urinal is the best choice? How many suitable urinal size? Many people have deep feelings for hanging type. They mainly 炃 drainage type drainage type with the wall. For land drainage type, installation is very simple, just noticed that the height of the drain, and drainage for wall type? They request some more, not only to note that the height of the drain, but also reserve did notice on the wall outlet. It is best to do that leave the urinal outlet before wall brick.
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