Want more comfortable toilet? Without the existence of the intelligent toilet

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-10
Smart toilet: in the face of today's city life, people seem to be lost in a quagmire. Life seems to have been a variety of chores take up time, which also have their own time to taste life. However, if a family pay attention to the quality of life, don't think that is a sitting room with rich nor how sweet bedroom, but do you want to stay a little longer between wei yu. A good bath can make us relax between wei yu, toilet, easily allow you to enjoy a better life. In modern life, people already more and more high demand for toilet, comfort experience can bring us more healthy life, can increase the quality of life. With the popularity of intelligent toilet, can let us in the rush of life, greatly make us relax. To want more comfortable toilet, the artifact is the first choice for you. Want to the quality of life, intelligent toilet nature is little not, use comfortable water instead of the traditional paper to wipe. Beautiful mark this smart toilet, unibody design, automatic flushing, automatic flush after using the toilet, relaxed, free hands contamination problems. Intelligent remote control, convenient operation. Seat, cap, nozzle and all remote control panel using antibacterial resin materials, effectively restrain bacterial growth, family is more easy. Seat heating, the four seasons constant temperature. Cleaning, massage through weak alternating current, let the family fully relieve fatigue stress in use. Warm air drying, comfortable and considerate. Double nozzle design, nozzle, sanctify themselves, according to different parts cleaning, avoid crossing infection and can take care of family health. Injection siphon flush, the impact is more complete, more save water clean. Equipped with manual sides flush at the same time, power failure can be normal use.
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