Wei yu need to pay attention to?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-27
Select 6 factors wei yu, do you understand? Ceramic below small make up to introduce: 1. Choose bath first, then arrange furniture sanitary equipment is different from ordinary furniture, most of the need to install and set, or clay pipe leak proof. So that occupy the home is equipped with make sure when choosing priority for sanitary ware. In terms of the toilet, to space size decide first, before we decide to choose suspension type toilet, the floor or toilet is high-tech computer toilet. In general, suspension type toilet is suitable for small space, convenient cleaning; High-tech computer closestool, multivariate function, the form is bigger also, suitable for large space. Important way to pay attention to the drainage hole is apart from the toilet of choose and buy, namely the wall to drain the heart distance, be sure to make sure before buying the pitch of the toilet in the home, home to 30 - in general 40 cm is given priority to, but there is little also 18 22 cm. 2. Fight corrupt closestool considerations durable and practical toilet selectivity in addition to the appearance and function, fight corrupt persistence also into consideration. If the bathroom has a urinal, suggest that choose to have sealed type, can avoid the taste away; Sensitive to sounds owner, or ask for quiet type can also be used to slow down the toilet seat and lid, avoid the impact sound. 3. Bath crock need depending on the size of wei yu of choose and buy some decorate plan because the space is not big shower bath only planning, if there are children, the elderly at home, or the use bath crock, will be more convenience and security. Bath crock need to pay attention to the size of choose and buy, if the space that defend bath is not big, it is recommended that you choose short and deep Japanese bath barrel, wood (or fir tree) is not occupy a space; If the space is enough big, can choose bigger length, width of independent model bath; If love to bubble bath, can choose special bath tub, such as embedded the tub. 4. Dresser combination sink to save interior space space is large, increase the function that defend bath, also can combine dresser with wash one function for one. 5. Anti-fouling antibacterial equipment to reduce bacterial growth damp climate, rainy southern region, especially the bathroom is the place of high temperature and wet, more easy to shelter evil people and practices, when choosing sanitary equipment, you need to choose the anti-fouling antibacterial material, currently on the market already has antimicrobial nanotechnology, can make the product surface without wool stoma from dirt, easy to achieve the effect of prevention of germs. 6. Tile gist of small specifications of choose and buy large use of tile press material can be divided into ceramic, stone and porcelain three classes, such as when the choose and buy must first to the space that defend bath planning, how it feels to present will have the idea first, and then to purchase. In general, if insufficient light, bathroom mirror effect of tile available; If pattern is not big, the choice specification of its small size, the paste, small space as far as possible don't use big brick, because the cutting loss too much, cause waste of budget. In terms of the choice of the floor tile, want to consider security, wear-resisting and stop slippery function. Provincial budget if you want to solution can also be wall tile to paint, also can save 20 - A 40% fee. Above is toilet manufacturer in guangdong foshan ceramics co. , LTD. , small make up to you to summarize, hope to help you, if you want to know more information, you can focus on our website, for more information!
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