What are ceramics is introduced implement method of maintenance

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-09-02
Ceramic small make up to introduce you to implement the maintenance method of 1) Do not use hot water scald WeiTao sanitary ware. 2) Please gently wipe gently with water WeiTao sanitary ware, do not use with grinding effect or strong sex ( Acid and alkali) Of cleaning agents, solvents, such as cleaning the toilet and water tank accessories, product surface and accessories to avoid damage. 3) Don't speed closed LIDS fierce 4) Intelligent implement electronic eye to avoid wash with water, in order to prevent the possible induction PCB wet water or electrical short circuit, etc. 5) Please do not knock, trample WeiTao sanitary ware. 6) Detergent do not state authorities shut inside toilet, application of closed after water wash. 7) Products in use process, if appear according to instructions operation is still unable to process the case, should be promptly with the local agent or contact professional maintenance, do not presumptuously lead to accidental damage.
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