What are the benefits of intelligent toilet?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-01
What are the benefits of intelligent toilet? 'as people living standard rise, many people began to pursue comfortable and healthy family life. In the era of intelligence to replace the traditional, intelligent toilet has become the choice of many people. Intelligent toilet easy to use? Japan earlier toilet robbery to many people left a deep impression, now intelligent toilet is still the focus of the whole society. So what are the benefits of the intelligent toilet? The yes staff for your introduction: principles of medical water can avoid direct contact with the hand, to avoid bacterial infections, and spa and massage, especially for hemorrhoids, constipation and women. Health principles the paper itself lack of environmental protection, not cleaning at the same time, the bacteria, while South Korea modern intelligent body of warm water cleaner than paper to wipe more health and environmental protection. 'wash basin is not convenient, easy to repeated infection, and sometimes even two basin of water to clean, water and electricity is also very trouble. Ms clean vulva clean care is very important for the health of women. 60% of gynecological disease is caused by the pollution vulva. Clean the vulva is to prevent disease of department of gynaecology the first line of defense. South Korean modern intelligent body cleanser with independent female special features, for the feminine vulva clean provides the best cleaning method. Women often worry during menstruation and childbirth before and after cleaning and inconvenience. South Korea's modern intelligent body cleaners cleaning time, let's say goodbye to the paper entered the era of laundry. Clean, health, science, defecation, wash with water. Secret Korean modern intelligent body cleaner can easily control the Gospel of warm water to clean the buttocks. Shit before washing, point massage anus, especially strong in the acupuncture point, can help defecation function. Warm water into the anus, lubricating bowel, make defecate unobstructed. Tumors in patients with ten men have nine hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids friends the most afraid of poop every day, dry stool or constipation, cause mouth pain burst bleeds. After defecate is wiped, it went to pull, dab is not clean; A little bit hard, unbearable pain.
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