What are the precautions for toilet decorates?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-26
Toilet is very important in household life space, for the new owners need to pay attention to the planning and design of toilet, avoid toilet decorates flipping the regret. Guangdong project implement manufacturer ceramic small make up to you to introduce toilet decorate a problem. One, location should not be in the center of the bedroom, toilet lest center polluted. In the middle of the bedroom is the center of gravity of the residence, just as a man's heart is very important, polluted, noxious gas convection extremely easily to the other room, living among them, the daily inhalation noxious gas, comes easily to the disease. And is located in the middle of the room that defend bath is not only bad light, water and sanitary itself is more, the heavy moisture, can make the whole house damp. Second, sit implement implement the location of the hidden as well. If the toilet is bigger, should be arranged to the toilet in the bathroom door office location, hidden in the low wall, screen, or after the drapes, from inside the mirror also can't see it. Be sure to cover the toilet seat when not. Three, five lines of color toilet water, so the color of toilet should choose belongs to gold white and black, blue water, is both elegant and can produce the feeling of peace and quiet. Light green, light yellow, light blue, ivory, etc are also give a person with relaxed and comfortable feeling, more suitable for use in the bathroom. If the color is bright-coloured, can make the person produces agitated feeling. Four, plants, but due to moisture, changes in temperature difference in temperature big toilet, for a lot of the growth of plants is not very good. Should choose like dark potted plants to decorate, can add natural appeal, suit to raise moisture resistant ornamental green plants, such as ferns, vertical planting, devil's ivy. Of course if toilet spacious, bright and have air conditioning, you can add 1 foliage pineapple, arrowroot, single plant more gorgeous. Five, ventilated breathe freely 1, put a little salt in the bathroom, borrow salt to settle toilet noxious gas. 2, toilet must keep dry, keep the air circulation, airtight without ventilation, adverse to health of family. If toilet without Windows, must come to install the exhaust fan ventilation. Six, sanitary ware, sanitary ware brand on the market a lot of choose and buy, the price also is uneven, the owner must choose to suit oneself. If toilet area is lesser, water pressure is not stable, it is not necessary to select bulky massage bath crock, and the location of the upper and lower mouth sometimes may also affect your choice of sanitary and showering equipment. Small area of the shower bath and toilet recommended users should according to the actual situation of their family, such as housing area, financial resources, living habits, hobbies, such as comprehensive consideration, avoid by all means is blind follow suit.
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