What is a siphon toilet is

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-27
From the point of strong water way, the toilet can be roughly divided into: straight strong pattern and siphon toilet closestool. Siphon and ordinary flush toilet flush, and the difference is that it as side specially bending pipes to siphon effect, the dirt hurtling eduction. Today we'll learn about what is a siphon toilet and what is the working principle of the siphon toilet, and the engineering implement manufacturer below small make up together and see it. What is a siphon toilet siphon toilet is a good pipe, side in shape of 'S', the wall slope is relatively slow, noise problem has improved; With drainage can be strong, choose net surface features, so most of the toilet especially conjoined adopt siphon type. Siphon type is flush the advantages of low noise, known as mute. Siphon toilet is easy to rinse adhesion of dirt in the toilet appearance, but the bottom water area increased. Compare with higher siphon piping, relatively thin, The smaller the pipe diameter, siphon effect is more obvious, the bigger the pumping force) 。 Siphon is divided into strong fall type, eddy current type, radiation type, etc. Siphon eddy current type and radial has private water channel, the water tank under the degree of surface into the toilet, so as to eliminate water tank when the water pipe impact noise when air and water. Is currently on the market for the 'mute' toilet. Siphon radial with common water mouth, can radiation power flow, make the washing effect is better. Working principle of the siphon toilet is the working principle of the siphon toilet is filled with water in toilet flushing water drain the pipe after the composition of siphon phenomenon, to leave the sewage discharge. The structure of the siphon toilet water feature is the toilet has an intact pipes in the body. Side in shape 'S' shape, application of water when the water level difference promote the composition of siphonage, because do not borrow water wash away the dirt, so the wall slope is relatively slow, the bottom also expands the water area. The characteristics of the siphon toilet is little noise.
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