What kind of toilet flush way are there

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-23
At present, the toilet flush way divided into two major categories of siphon and straight strong pattern, at the same time can be divided into three kinds, respectively is: straight at siphon type, spiral type and siphon jet. Exactly what these two kinds of three different? A, straight strong pattern of straight strong pattern sit implement is to use water momentum to get rid of poo, generally steep wall, water area is lesser, so water concentration, then circle around the fall of the water more, washout pollution with high efficiency, than the blowdown force vortex, because drainage pipe is thick, short, simple structure can let the water rushed down, in a very short period of time can be washed clean, not easy also cause jam, but there is a downside is that straight strong pattern flush when voice is bigger, water consumption, and save the water is small, easy to scale, odor-proof functions as vortex. Second, spiral type siphon pipes of this toilet is S form, has a larger deposit surface, formed when water level is poor, and then within the pipe generates suction things to row, rushed a side of the gate in the bottom of the toilet and flush when form vortex flow along the wall, this will increase the intensity of water washing the walls of the pool, also increases the suction of the siphon effect, more conducive to the toilet internal discharge, the vortex type siphon drainage, water saving mute siphon jet. Siphon jet made further improvement on the siphon toilet, in the toilet at the bottom of the add a jet, aimed at the center of the drainage outlet, flush, part of water flowed from then circle cloth around the hole, part of jet mouth, the toilet is on the basis of the siphon with larger flow momentum, to wash away dirt quickly. Flush the toilet flush sound small, but is a waste of water. Relevant tags:
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