Who is suitable for the intelligent toilet?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-06
Who is suitable for the intelligent toilet? Age in progress, we will follow up the progress of The Times for the development, intellectualized has already started to come into our life. Smart technology application in household life popularization, the application of intelligent toilet also gradually extended to individual families. Although many people know that the intelligent toilet is what, but in the real want to buy it might be a little confused. So which one fit for intelligent toilet? Tell you the following: the pursuit of healthy family high quality life. Use common toilet clean toilet, accumulation of toilet paper, not only the bathroom environment pollution, but also will become a hotbed of bacteria and virus reproduction. While using smart toilet, toilet without paper, purify bathroom environment, prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. And intelligent toilet bring comfortable, convenient and healthy life experience, make it become the pursuit of high quality life essential supplies of the family. Women. Scientific research shows that 60% of gynecological disease is caused by privates health problem. Therefore, the private parts clean care for women's health is very important. Especially women in menstrual period and prenatal postpartum, often because of private parts clean is not convenient. Intelligent toilet designed with 'women wash' function, special nozzle jet soft warm water wash women privates, prevent bacteria invasion. The old man. Action is not convenient, toilet, difficulty is encountered in many old people living a difficult problem. Bent down to lift the cover plate, lower the head to wipe paper, for the old man is a dangerous movement. And in the winter, squatting in ordinary toilet seat on cold, the old man is easy to catch a cold. Intelligent washed with water instead of toilet paper to wipe, a key hip washing, drying, make it easy for the old man the toilet; Unique 'seat heating' and 'warm wind drying' function, even the toilet also warm in cold winter. People with disabilities. The disabled toilet often require escorts are present to assist complete, each other very embarrassed, very inconvenient. Using smart toilet, just sitting on the toilet and touch the intelligent remote control all the toilet cleaning can be done automatically. Especially at night, the intelligent toilet also has 'light lighting' function, saves on the lights. Hemorrhoids patients with constipation. Due to reasons such as eating habits, China become the incidence of hemorrhoids is one of the most serious countries in the world, many people suffer from hemorrhoids 'torture'. Intelligent toilet 'hip cleaning', 'massage' function, water instead of paper to wipe, thoroughly clean the fart fart wrinkles, reduce bacterial growth, and through the massage acupuncture points around anus, warm water lubrication the anus, promote the blood circulation, make the intestinal tract unobstructed, eradicate constipation. Above which one fit for intelligent toilet is introduced here, in recent years, one-piece toilets sales always maintains its position as the mainstream.
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