Why are made of ceramic toilet

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-30
This big wide world out there in the world, and look at our sanitary ware market is a lot of toilets are made of porcelain, have you seen any other toilet? This fresh thing is also the first time I heard that, why the toilet at home is made of porcelain? In and out of our toilet every day you have thought about this problem? Today we will give you say why toilet is made of ceramic, so why is so much to do with ceramic toilet? What for? I also want to know, come and look at! A toilet, need to have the ability to complete the following three types of work: first, it must be a strong water machine; Second, it must be waterproof, clean, health; The last one, must be strong. 。 Because people are sitting on the toilet, and some people weight is very heavy. And porcelain, has satisfied the above three requirements. For most users, the toilet must be a very effective and waste disposal unit. But for most of us, those who take your poop and some other substances as water, swirl, was rushed to who knows where to go to toilet, in fact, design is very complicated. Water tanks, valves, overflow pipe, drainage pipe - — These are all very fine. Contains a lot of complicated engineering application. As glass ceramic closestool is made of clay and water. Electrodes in the production of toilet processes, including manufacturing, body shaping, porcelain sintering. The process is simple and low cost. Plastic, on the other hand, was made into objects are extrusion, pouring mold or injection. For the toilet the structure complexity, use plastic manufacturing cost too high. This is why generally appear in the toilet where plastic just seat: use it to make the dominant material may lead to high cost. There is another factor is the durability. We all need to squat toilet - — When we squat toilet, it is best not to leak, or sprayed or something. With super durability of porcelain is very strong and stiff. This plastic is there is no guarantee that do it. If you are skinny, fit normal person, may have this feeling is not very deep, but, for a people who are overweight, if he/she do every time the toilet is a hard landing, the toilet is a kind of durable goods, as you can imagine, over time, plastic material would be on an average day once or twice a bent under the strong impact of gradually. This is a very important user experience. Ok, so made from plastic closestool is unlikely. Stainless steel? Stainless steel is not only strong, and the production process is not too complex. Toilet brush, don't you forget to prison, and our railway on the toilet, toilet on the plane? 。 。 The problem is that the user experience. The stainless steel is also very strong, but it is very sensitive to changes in temperature. In other words, it may take your butt frozen on the toilet. And put a plastic on the top of stainless steel toilet seat looks very strange. In short, as long as think about prison toilet and the toilet on the train, I feel no toilet should be stainless steel. Porcelain the material is waterproof. This may sound simple, but porous materials not only can hold water, also provides the bacteria breeding conditions. So a special cleaning waste items like toilet, work is not affected by bacteria and water is very important. The porcelain waterproof secret is - — Glaze. As mentioned earlier production process, the glaze let bacteria and water stays in the outer layer of glaze, this also is very easy to remove. Porcelain in over the years, all is the first selection of bathroom sanitary materials, this is really impressive. Everyone in the world to use the toilet method maybe is different, but, it must be clean and comfortable.
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